Rick Oliver


Farrier Program - Casey & Son's Horseshoeing School

Apprenticeship - Chad Clayton

Equine Flexion Therapy Certification - Farrier's National Research Center

BS Engineering - Roger Williams College

United States Marine Corps


Rick applies his experience in engineering to the art and science of horse shoeing and trimming and body alignment. Rick believes in the holistic care of the horse from the hoof up and the body down. Before beginning work on your horse, Rick welcomes the opportunity to consult with you, your vet and other equine health care providers to understand your horse and your goals. 


When you work with Pampered Hoof, you access years of experience and expertise through our network of equine professionals. Rick regularly consults and leverages the expertise of best in class vets, farriers, trainers and therapists and educators. 

Continuing Education

Rick continuously expands his knowledge and skills through regular review of research, cutting edge technology, continuing education, and seminars through various industry experts like the National Farrier Research Center and American Farrier Association.

Rick also has three horses of his own who also provide their own version of equine education every day!