Equine Flexion Therapy


Tension and lactic acid is released

Full range of motion to joints is restored

Flexion increased

Performance is Optimized

Through a process of massage and deep motion flexing, Equine Flexion Therapy can help keep horses more flexible and comfortable. EFT benefits ALL horses regardless of age, discipline or work level. 


is done through testing the range of motion, palpation testing and thermography (infrared thermal imaging).


Thermography at the end of the session demonstrates before and after results.


  • A full session is approximately 2 hours.
  • Evaluation, full-body assisted stretch session, massage.
  • Plan for a quiet location preferably with cross-ties. Its important your horse pay attention and work with the therapist.
  • Plan to hand walk or lightly ride your horse post-therapy for 10-15 min then allow rest the remainder of the day. Turn out is okay.
  • Expect your horse may be stiff or move differently the first few days as he adjusts to his body in alignment. This is normal.
  • This is not chiropractic. Rather, it addresses the muscles that control the skeleton. Equine Flexion Therapy can be performed on its own. It can also serve as a supplement to your chiropractor's work by treating the muscles to prevent the spine from being pulled out of alignment between sessions.