Integrative Care

We balance the horse's body from the hoof up by applying integrated methodology of hoof care and flexion therapy. 

  • Balancing and alignment of the foot for comfort and performance.
  • Application of appropriate shoes if needed.
  • Gait Analysis, thermal imaging and trigger point evaluation to reveal areas of tension and blockage.
  • Flexion therapy to release tension and restore full range of motion to a body resting on a balanced hoof.

Partnership & Collaboration

We listen to you, your team and your horse to learn about your goals and challenges so we can help you and your horse improve.

  • Consultation with owner, rider and trainer.
  • Introduction and evaluation of horse.
  • Collaboration with vet, chiropractor, massage therapist and other professionals.
  • Access to years of experience and expertise through our equine professional network. We regularly consult with our network to bring you the best solutions.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our customer commitment: Every client from the backyard horse to the competitive athlete receives the same top quality care. 

  • Time. We take as long as it takes to help your horse. No shortcuts or rush jobs.
  • Hot or cold shoeing option
  • Nail hole packing
  • "Pull Forward" for trims
  • Assisted stretch if needed
  • Clean up and magnet sweep
  • Scheduling of next appointment
  • Confirmation call/text day prior
  • Trimming services available for your minis, donkeys and goats.
Your commitment to Pampered Hoof:

  • 24 hour cancellation
  • Horses brought in 
  • Qualified handler on site 

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